Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty Therapy Courses

Online Beauty Courses is a unique method of providing complete and professional Health and Skincare education from our experts. Study Beauty Online has a range of 8 available online beauty courses to choose from. Once qualified from the various courses we offer you will have the opportunity to operate from home, travel or work in well-established resort hotel facilities.

Our Online beauty Courses will enable you to pursue a career in the salon and Spa industry in no time. Study part time, in the comfort of your own home, treating your family and friends, while learning is the way to go. A combination of online beauty courses can also be completed.

Benefits of studying beauty therapy online

  • Don’t procrastinate with travelling from class to class on a daily basis.
  • Save on additional educational Fees.
  • You can freely decide your learning pace and the time to dedicate to single study units.
  • Course content and material is directly accessible online.
  • Study and complete the course at your own pace.
  • Practical examinations are completed at established spa’s.

How does the Online Beauty Course Process Work?

In order to enrol, you firstly need to register, pay the applicable fee, and then you are an enrolled student at Study Online. How does it work? After payment is made, you will receive a full subject related kit and learner guides. You will also receive a step by step DVD, teaching you exactly how to do the various beauty therapies.

Once you have learned the techniques shown in the courses content you can practice beauty therapy on your family or friends. This is the ideal industry to work in if you have the space at home to run a successful beauty therapy business.

Theory chapters will require thorough studying but after each chapter a worksheet will be available for you to complete in preparation for the selected course theory exam.

One time you’ve completed the practical and theoretical online beauty courses, you are allowed to apply for examinations. Examinations will be scheduled at a specific venue where the student will do a theoretical and practical session in order to obtain his/her certificate.