Aromatherapy Courses

What is Aromatherapy?

Traditional Aromatherapy is the treatment and prevention of physical and psychological ills by the external application of natural odorous essentials oils.

Aromatherapy Course Benefits

That special massage, designed for an individual with prolonged effects… this is a seller! Everyone wants to feel special. During Aromatherapy, we teach you how to blend an oil specific to a client’s needs, in order to treat symptoms effectively.
During the online aromatherapy course, the student will learn the application of essential oils in order to Heal, Calm and Energise the Human Body. The materials used are pure essential oils, extracted from plants, which have an implicit “Life Force” whose action cannot be reproduced by synthetic chemicals.

When an odour is liked, there is a relaxation of the facial muscles, smiling, a pleasant tone of voice, laughing, nodding and deep respiration. When an odour is disliked, there is a turning away of the head and sometimes the entire body. There may be coughing, compression of the lips, rubbing of the nose and a waving away of the source of smell.

Odours have a decidedly stimulating effect on the vasomotor system. The can cause an increase of blood in the brain and stimulate the heart.

Odours induce joy or sadness, smiles or tears, loud gaiety or taciturn mourning, according to the temperament and the moods of those who inhale them. Some scents rouse the senses, others make them languid, some clearly the thoughts, make them complete, more lively; others float them into clouds of dreams. Even if sleep is taken over, odours still exert their impact on our drowsy senses.

Odour is the most powerful and yet the most disregarded sense.

The essential oils used in the practice of Aromatherapy act upon healing, reviving and restoring the body and mind.

When the aromas affect the mind, they also affect the body, because the limbic system has an interaction with the hypothalamus, which in turn governs the bodily functions such as digestion, nerve responses, appetite, hormonal reactions, etc.

Aromatherapy is a HOLISTIC therapy, as we take the Body’s immune system and restoring the harmony between mind and body.

Aromatherapy positively affects the way we look and feel.


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