In recent years there has been an amazing increase in the use of massage as a therapy. Until fairly recently any mention of massage other than that used to treat medical conditions was regarded with deep suspicion. The growth and acceptance of therapies complimentary to medicine has led to massage being more widely accepted as a healing treatment for specifically stress related problems.

The word “massage” is thought to be derived either from the Arabic word for “press softly” or from the Greek word to “knead”. Massage is a form of treatment which has been passed down throughout the centuries for thousands of years. It is therefore without doubt one of the oldest arts in the history of man. It was used as a cure for many ailments long before medicine was discovered. There can hardly be a culture where rubbing or pressing of some sort has not been part of the healing process. Instinct must also have played a large part in the development of physical treatments as instinctive rubbing of a sore part of the body is found to relieve pain or discomfort.
With our busy lifestyle and amount of stress we incur daily in our work environments, people nowadays have a massage at least once a month, if not more. This is a very profitable treatment, and the perfect way to lure clients into your own business. Cape Town is booming with spa’s and salons, offering these relaxing treatments for their clientele. Keeping in mind that a massage is the most cost effective treatment to perform as one only need a little bit of oil, the rest is labor only, therefor whatever you charge, is pure profit.
Whilst studying massage courses, a full body sequence will be displayed on the DVD that you will receive with your kit. Again, Anatomy forms a large part of the theory covered during this module as it is important for the student to understand the body’s structure and function, in order to manipulate the tissues during this beneficial treatment.


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