Reflexology courses are becoming popular in and around Cape Town. Reflexology is a treatment where parts of the body are stimulated to bring about a change or response in other parts of the body with the aim of creating total balance in body, mind and soul. Much study and research has been carried out into Reflexology and it does have definite effects on the body, so producing an end product.
The drawback to this argument however is that although a product can be seen the process cannot be proved.
Reflexology treatments are based on ancient therapies that have no scientific explanation or justification. It is not possible to dissect the body and see actual physical links between the reflex areas that this treatment works on, and a lot of the outcome can depend on the skill of the reflexologist performing the treatment.
Pressure is applied at specific sites around the body, such as the hands and feet to have an effect upon another area of the body. Reflexologists believe that the body is divided into zones and that a special type of energy flows through these zones. Problems in the body and mind can impede the flow of this energy thus not allowing the body to work well. The aim of the reflexologist would be to use specific pressure point massage work on the reflex points on the hands and feet to free the flow of energy and cause the body to heal itself. Reflexologists do not feel that they cure problems; they believe they cause the body and person to set about healing themselves. Reflexology is a healthy non-evasive way to help the body and mind achieve homeostasis and return to its own natural pattern. To help the body look after itself and heal itself must be a good thing.
More and more people are now looking for natural ways to help themselves contend with busy lifestyles and varying emotions.

It is known scientifically exactly what the body is made up of and that for the body to work at peak performance, all areas and parts of the body must work in harmony.

Pressure point foot treatment which affects the entire body is very relaxing. Some people prefer not to have a full body massage, but still want the same effect… why not offer Reflexology – it’s much less straining on the therapist as well!


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