Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are to be agreed upon and adhered to by both parties: 

All course material will be quality assured and adhered by according to the syllabus and standards set by Study Beauty Online. All course changes will be documented and the student will be notified hereof immediately. No time limits will be set per course. This is completely up to the student to complete and arrange the necessary exam when he/she feels ready to do so. Please note that due to the ever changing industry, all treatments will have to be examined on the most current procedure. 

Should you have changed address or contact details, you should notify us hereof immediately. 

Practical training is offered to you via DVD’s. You will have full access to training materials in the form of books, dvd’s and previous question papers together with the contact details of the lecturer, should you require this attention. 

Should you wish to change courses or progress into another course, this is completely up to the discretion of Study Beauty online. 

Theory and Practical examinations will be conducted at a venue, confirmed with exam registration, and candidates are expected to be present and ready for exam time scheduled, in order to allow a fair timeframe and environment. Appeals with regard to the outcome of the examination or result thereof can be made within 2 weeks after date of examinations. Any personal losses incurred whilst studying/on the premises of exam will be at the students own risk. 

All study materials are copy righted and licensed by Study Beauty online. Copying of material is strictly prohibited. 

Should a candidates course fees not be up to date or he/she does not adhere to the payment schedule, no diplomas/certificates will be released until the bill is fully settled. 

Course cancellation is allowed for 7 days after registration and commencement of course.